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Thanks for taking the time to visit. As the name implies, I'm just a guy from New Jersey. I have had the honor and pleasure to have travelled extensively, seen a few things I really liked, seen a few more I really didn't need to see. But such is life.

I was born in North Jersey but grew up in Viet Nam. It was the hardest, yet most meaningful experience of my life and continues to shape my world view, attitude and value system. The hardest part was coming home. Old friends were children. Family didn't want to hear it. If you weren't there, you don't get it. Even a lot of folks who were there don't get it.

In 2000, while cruising "" I stumbled across my LRRP/Ranger Company Commander. He put me on to a few guys that served with us and I found myself at my first reunion of "E" Company, 50th Infantry (ABN)(LRP)/"E" Company, 75th Ranger Regiment, 9th Infantry Division. The reunion screwed me up for weeks and probably cost me the love of my life but eventually they helped me to, finally, come home and accept who and what I was. Thank you, Col. Dickey, Col. Matsuda, Col. Stetson and all of the officers and men who keep it alive for all of us and give us the assurance that we are not in this alone. You can visit the LRRPs at Sign the guest book. It makes "Jonsey", our webmaster, happy, and that makes me happy.

Wars are made by governments but fought by the creme de la creme of our youth. I'd like, just once, to see some of the fat old bastards in Washington walk patrol... just once. I am still furious at that dickhead, John Kerry and his pal, Hanoi Jane Fonda. Oh, well. Takes all kinds, I guess.

This exercise in free speech is dedicated to getting you to think. Yea, you know... that thing you're supposed to do inside your head??? If you visit here regularly and do not have the urge to threaten me or one of my contributors, I have failed my mission. Fortunately, I don't care. The secondary purpose is to get ME to think. If at least one comment a week does not piss me off, I will be very disappointed. I will edit totally offensive language but I will try to convey your intent. As much as is possible, I will give a forum to anyone who has the intelligence to present a cogent arguement... even Democrats and Republicans. (I will keep score.) I would like any contributor to rate themselves as to their political stance. Use "0" for the middle of the road, -10 for Attilla the Hun and +10 for Karl Marx. There is no connotation to the "+ -" thing. Just an arbitrary differentiation.

Me? Honestly, I figure I'm probably -3, in reality.

Remember, that you can assume nothing on here is actually someones true opinion. This is a thought exercise. Don't go calling Homeland Security if my buddies, Ahmed or Hussien Jane or Col. Harder, seem to be going over the egde. It is all in the spirit of a Platonic exercise. This is my therapy but you can play, too.